Interested in becoming an official Saga Canada Scooter retailer?

A commitment to excellence.

We believe that the best way to sell a lot of bikes is to have a lot of great sales people and give them the tools and support to sell those bikes to the best of thier ability. It strengthens us as an importer and you as a dealership. We take pride in the high level of service we offer our dealers and we are most happy when our dealers exceed their expectations.

What we require.

What we look for in a dealer is a high level of concern for customer satisfaction. It is vital to us that our bikes be represented by qualified individuals with a passion for thier work.

Along with having a storefront and a mechanics bay, we also must have dealers with dealership licenses to sell on road vehicles, if you do not currently possess this we can assist you in this matter.

All Saga Canada dealers must be able to provde the following:

  • Dealers must have either an on site or nearby full service facility that is able to provide all necessary PDI and repairs to all Saga products.
  • Dealers must comply with all municipal and provincial motor vehicle licencing laws and provide proof thereof.

A view to the future.

We believe we are on a cusp of extreme growth in our industry and as such we want dealers that will value the product as well as promote a healthy, enviromentally friendly, and safe industry that we all can be proud of.

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If you feel that your dealership has what it takes to handle our product please contact our office and speak to a friendly dealership co-ordinator.

Dealer Inquiries

- Phone: 604-537-3553