deluxe 50cc/150cc scooter


deluxe scooter guages

Easy to read gauges

One thing you do not want to be doing while driving is wasting time getting your information. Our gauges are cleanly laid out so that you can see your speed in a hurry. Also they are light up at night for easy viewing. On the left you have your speedometer and on the right you have your rpm gauge and in between you will see your fuel and your turning lights.

deluxe scooter trunk

Trunk and window kit included in the price

We do not nickel and dime you, we want you to have the best ride possible. And as such we include our window and truck kit with all of our Deluxe bikes. That is right, other companies may charge $300 + for the trunk alone, but not at Saga Scooters. We know what a ride needs to be a great bike because we ride too.

deluxe scooter brakes

Grip to stop on a dime

Safety is our prime focus at Saga Scooters, and as such we have made it so that our bikes feature the best braking system available. With front disc brakes and rear drum brakes it isn't hard to get our bikes to stop. And as we carry a full line of replacement parts when it comes time to do your brakes the items you need will be right at hand.

deluxe scooter engine

More power if you need it

Want to be able to cruise at faster speeds and have tons of bottom end? Then the 150cc model is for you. With the 150cc model of the Deluxe you will experience a top speed of around 100kmh and still have great fuel savings. 2 full grown adults can easily ride and keep up with traffic on this bike and its a great bike for longer commutes. The 150 also features an extra rear shock.

deluxe scooter looks

Sleek contemporary styling

The paint and design on these bikes is second to none. All feature speckle paint and have a deep rich tone to the paint job. The body is tough and durable to protect from chips and dings. Another way that our bikes simply stand out as the better bikes compared to the much more expensive but lower quality name brand bikes.