retro 50cc scooter


This sporty little one seater scooter is designed with a classic motif yet has no problem keeping up with todays traffic. A 50cc motor propels this 4 stroke motor up to 70kmh but still gets a stunning 100 mpg. It is a quick and nimble bike for those that need to commute and don't want the extra size of our other models.

retro scooter guages

Easy to read gauges

One thing you do not want to be doing while driving is wasting time getting your information. Our gauges are cleanly laid out so that you can see your speed in a hurry. Also they are light up at night for easy viewing. On the left you have your turn signal indicator and on the right you have your fuel levels.

retro scooter trunk

A place to put your things

Our trunks are nice and large, with the opening far wide enough to hold the average helmet. The trunk comes with 2 keys so that you can always have a spare stashed away somewhere. The trunk comes standard with Saga Canada Scooters, unlike the "other guys" who charge up to $250 just for the trunk. If you don't need it the trunk comes off very easily with just a few bolt turns.

retro scooter brakes

Grip to stop on a dime

Safety is our prime focus at Saga Canada, and as such we have made it so that our bikes feature the best braking system available. With front disc brakes and rear drum brakes it isn't hard to get our bikes to stop. And as we carry a full line of replacement parts when it comes time to do your brakes the items you need will be right at hand.

retro scooter engine

Powerful and environmentally friendly

In the past gas scooters have had a bad reputation as being noisy and unreliable due to their 2 stroke motors, now with our 4 stroke motor these issues are just a memory. Our engines run clean which means far less exhaust being put into our environment, and yet retain the power and pep of the older 2 stroke motors. Another benefit of a 4 stroke motor is the sound, or lack there of, our scooters are much more quiet then those made only a few years ago.

retro scooter looks

Clean Classic looks.

The paint and design on these bikes is second to none. All feature speckle paint and have a deep rich tone to the paint job. The body is also encased in a aluminium binding to protect from chips and dings. Another way that our bikes simply stand out as the better bikes compared to the much more expensive but low quality name brand bikes.