It's refreshing to deal with such a well-run business

I want to thank you, Neil, Calvin, and everyone at Saga, for making my purchase of my Enduro such a pleasant experience.

You'll recall that I actually bought the bike sight unseen, over the phone. This is something I wouldn't ordinarily do for a big item--but Saga already had a great reputation, and I was happy to discover that my trust was more than warranted.

You guys made it fun too! I was impressed that you got the ICBC agent in on such short notice to help with the paperwork, but I was really blown away when, after signing the documents, I went to the loading bay and found you had already loaded the bike into my Suzuki Samuri. I know you were making bets amongst yourselves about whether this was even possible, but now we all know--a full-size enduro CAN be squeezed into a jeep! Ha! (Incidentally, the bike stayed secure and I had no problems on my return trip to Summerland.)

So the upshot is, I love my bike, I got a great deal, I was treated most professionally, it was a pleasure meeting you all, and I enjoyed the whole experience. It's refreshing to deal with such a well-run business--so thanks a lot.

Glenn Leaver
11618 Giant's Head Rd.
Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z7

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